senior woman at dental reception desk after receiving treatmentWhen we chose the name “Prosperity Dental Solutions” it wasn’t because it was a catchy title. We truly believe in fostering the “prosperity” of a practice, because we have the firsthand experience that proves when your practice is successful, you can truly love your life. In order for a practice to be prosperous, it needs to be functioning in each individual area: from employee management and relations, patient satisfaction, and a high closing percentage of diagnosed treatments, to insurance claims filing and financial management. In order to help you tackle all these areas, our team offers two tiers of Practice Management Coaching. With these services, our Prosperity team learns the ins and outs of your practice and develops treatment plans for how to improve and refine your existing systems; think of these packages as tackling the “whole” rather than just the “parts”. For more details on this comprehensive coaching plan, continue reading!

In dental practice management, experience is key. Jennifer Pearce, Founder, Owner, and Lead Executive Prosperity Coach has been involved in the dental industry since 1995. Her time as both a practice owner and practice administrator has given her the experience and knowledge she uses each day to help people like you create a thriving business that gives them a life they love! To learn more about our services, or to schedule a phone call with Jennifer, contact us at (817) 975-4576.

Though Tier 2 offers additional services, both Tier 1 and Tier 2 truly come with “the works”, or the basics you’ll need to achieve a prosperous practice (the kind of practice that runs like a well-oiled machine!). Here are just the highlights of our basic services:

Practice/Team Onsite Observation & Assessment

First things first: we come into your practice to observe your daily runnings and take notes and talk to staff members about their systems and pain points. This is a crucial first step for us because we believe the only way to get ahead is to know exactly where you started out!

1-2 Days Per Month In-Office Support

After our initial onsite observation, our team will remain present, coming in at least 1 to 2 days per month to provide onsite training, implement new processes, or learn more from you and your staff. We enjoy maintaining “boots on the ground” during the entirety of your coaching period.

New Hire Assistance, Employment Agreement & Training

New hire training can be time-consuming, but is key to creating clear expectations for success. We can help train and transition a new hire into their role, helping to explain your specific processes and the systems unique to your practice. (We also assist in the interviewing and hiring process to ensure your new hire is a perfect fit!)

98% Closing Percentage of all Treatments Diagnosed

Ensuring your patients are opting for diagnosed treatments is at the heart of maintaining healthy patients and a healthy practice. We can train staff members and share valuable knowledge as dental management veterans that can increase your closing percentage to nearly 100%.

Prosperity Treatment Plan

Once we’ve analyzed your current systems and identified any roadblocks that need attention, we create a completely custom “treatment plan,” not unlike those your practice creates for its patients. We offer suggestions for improvements, map out realistic timelines and set goals with your input, with actionable steps to get you there.

Contact Us Today!

Just like oral health, the health of your practice is improved when you prioritize preventive care and treatment. Seek out help from Prosperity today to take your “good” practice to “great!”. We can offer expert knowledge and experience that will keep your practice running smoothly today and in the future! (But don’t take our word for it: read what some of our past clients have to say.)

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