“Jennifer is a rockstar! We first met at a conference for women dentists and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. I was immediately captivated by her energy and passion for helping dentists succeed. She helped me organize my to-do list, develop personal and professional goals, and held me accountable to get shit done! Jennifer was the piece I needed to turn my practice around and get it on track to becoming the practice I dreamed of. Her friendship and coaching has been invaluable to me.” -Dr. Julie Glud, June 2019

“I hired Jennifer almost a year ago in order to increase my business’s bottom line and improve my leadership skills as well as to reinvent our office’s culture.  I can say unequivocally that she has been worth every second of time invested and every penny spent on her services.  She has become invaluable to me as I seek to become the kind of boss and mentor that my staff deserves.” – Miriam Perdomo, May 28, 2019

“Jennifer is a different kind of coach! She gets in and really works the team and helps putting pieces together! If you have a blind spot she will see it and help put plans into motion in order to problem solve! Give her a ring- she will HELP you!” – Dr. Grace Yum, April 1, 2019

“We call her Mary Poppins. Jennifer Pearce is part dental practice expert and part wizard, which is why we began to call her our dental Mary Poppins. She’s been blessed with an uncanny ability to connect with people and she is not wasting an ounce of that talent. I’ve now been working with Jennifer for one year and can honestly say that she was a God-send and answer to prayer. In that year we have grown financially by 37%, built an entirely new team around me using science and effective coaching, and added new services and technologies such as sleep apnea treatment and 3D printing. This was all possible because of the personalized coaching that Jennifer tailored to me. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with other consultants and had not even received 10% of the value or customization that Jennifer brings. There is truly no comparison and she should be considered in a league of her own. My only caution is to prepare to GROW. I mean YOU, doctor. She coaches her doctors just as hard as the teams. Jennifer is not the person you hire to come do your dirty work and just focus on your employees. Transformational growth starts at the top!” – Dr. Nathan J Flesher on Prosperity Dental Solutions, Jan 20, 2020

“Jennifer dramatically improved our practice- and our entire mindset! It does not take long after meeting Jennifer to realize that what she provides is far more than coaching- it’s a transformation of the success in your life! She is innovative, solution-minded, and progressive. She has a wealth of knowledge and understands how to take you where you want to go! Our goals and vision for our practice is her priority and It’s obvious. She makes it her business to be a constant supply of support, guidance, training, tough love, and partnership. I’ve said it many times before, everything Jennifer touches turns to gold! She knows how to get you where you want to be and wastes no time getting you there. Change can be scary, but with her as an ally it is painless. I can truly testify that Jennifer has been our life-line and deserves an undeniable amount of credit for catapulting us upward. Best decision ever made. We will never be able to thank her enough for her dedication to our practice. With Jennifer, you CAN be THAT practice! You CAN live your vision!” – Mary Catherine Yarbrough, RDH And Practice Administrator, Aug 31, 2019