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Why Hire Us?

Prosperity Dental Solutions can offer you the keys to a happier, more productive life. Through coaching and standing shoulder-to-shoulder to guide you on how to manage your practice well, you’ll regain the time and energy you have been missing and enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life.

Coaching begins with understanding the vision you have for your practice. A vision needs to be known in order to be adopted by your team and put into motion by integration. True integration can only happen hands-on. We believe we have to come in to show you the path, customize the solutions for you, train your team and then set up accountability in order for the team to succeed! The Prosperity Dental Solutions team can help you create a Prosperity Genius model™ for your practice so your entire team has a goal to work toward collectively and synergistically.

Helping you love your practice and your life more!

Elite Coaching

Jennifer Pearce takes on a different level of practice coaching by identifying with each and every dentist she works with. Most coaches only look at improving a practice from one perspective, while Jennifer takes a holistic outlook because she has worked in every area. Her coaching is taken from the practice administrator’s, team’s, and doctor’s point of view, because she believes running successful dental practices require a multi-pronged approach—or as she puts it, “Nothing changes without training & integration!”

Client Success Stories

We Build Relationships

The success of your practice all comes down to the strength of your team and relationships. Let us show you how to develop a positive uplifting culture within your practice, fueled by a doctor and team with superior services and synergy.

Proprietary Processes

We have a unique approach to staff development process. Our courses and integrative training prepare you and your staff for success on a level you can only dream of realizing.

Prosperity Genius Model ®

Dental Practices We Work With

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Jennifer Pearce

Dental Practice Expert

“Your happier practice journey is dependent on you training, trusting, empowering & verifying your team.”

(817) 975-4576


Winner Seo Master

Served on Oral DNA Board 2006-2007

Spoke to the ICOI on the oral biofilm, 2007–2008

Freedom Founders, Trusted Advisor

Jennifer is a different kind of coach! She gets in and really works the team and helps putting pieces together! If you have a blind spot she will see it and help put plans into motion in order to problem solve! Give her a ring- she will HELP you!

Dr. Grace Yum Zimmerman

Successfully transitioned out of owning 2 dental practices. Now runs Mommy Dentists in Business (MDIBS)

Let’s Make Things Happen

Let us show you how to cultivate a work environment based on understanding, trust, respect, and staff development leading to increased performance and profits for your practice.

“Jennifer dramatically improved our practice- and our entire mindset!  It does not take long after meeting Jennifer to realize that what she provides is far more than coaching- it’s a transformation of the success in your life! She is innovative, solution-minded, and progressive. She has a wealth of knowledge and understands how to take you where you want to go!”

Mary Catherine Yarbrough

Practice Manager at Milestone Family Dentistry

Jennifer Pearce

Dental Practice Coach
(817) 975-4576
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