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Jennifer Pearce:

Founder, Owner, Lead Executive Prosperity Coach

Jennifer Pearce has been involved in dentistry since 1995. Acting as a practice administrator for 18 years, Jennifer thought she understood all of the pain points that come with working in a dental office. However, after co-owning several successful dental practices over the course of 4 years, she can now confidently say she has seen it all.

Jennifer Pearce takes on a different level of practice consulting by identifying with each and every dentist she works with. Most coaches only look at improving a practice from one perspective, while Jennifer takes a holistic outlook because she has worked in every area of a successful practice. Her approach to coaching is taken from the practice administrator’s, team’s, and doctor’s points of view. Jennifer believes running successful dental practices requires a multi-pronged approach—or as she puts it, “Nothing changes without training and integration!”

  • Simplify

  • Create The Path

  • Vision Lead

  • Delegate

  • Predictably Systemize For Success

  • Create Structure And Balance For The Team And Doctor

  • Accountability For The Structures And The Path To Integrate

  • Healthy, Happy Culture Cultivation

Work-life balance is of paramount importance to avoid burnout in dentistry today. With insurance leveraging against dentistry, a more transient patient base, and higher debt loads as dentists leave graduate training, a dentist needs a team that is supportive on their journey into practice ownership. The ability to navigate the business side of dentistry requires support in a much more complex market than ever before.

With team coaches that have been in the world of dentistry for a combined total of more than 70 years, there is not much we haven’t seen or done in the industry today.

Trust Jennifer to coach you and your entire team to “think prosperous” so you can experience a practice that supports the vision of… Love your practiceLove your life!


With over 26 years of dental experience, Jennifer has led successful teams as an accomplished practice manager. She has led solo practices to produce up to $3 million, as well as being co-owner of 2 thriving dental practices. Known as “The Connector” due to her uniquely engaging personality, she will show your team how to successfully lead your team and close dentistry through building relationships.

Awards & Recognition

  • Featured guest, Business Solutions Spotlight
  • Freedom Founders, Trusted Advisor
  • Served on Oral DNA Board—a division of Quest Diagnostics, 2006–2007
  • Spoke to International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) about oral biofilm, 2007–2008
  • Featured guest on several podcasts

Podcast Appearances

Once the Closer, Now the Coach!

Cindy Silvan

Team and Systems Coach

  • 23 Years of Consulting Experience
  • Administrative and Business Management Background
  • Expert Solutions Coach/Success Coach
  • Relatable Consultant
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More about Cindy:

A former dental assistant, office manager and administrator of a multi-location group practice, Cindy began her consulting career in 1998. Cindy offers expert advice and strategies for building practice success and has extensive experience as an administrator and business manager for multi-specialty, multi-location group practices. Additionally, she has worked as a specialized technology consultant to help dentists and their teams successfully integrate new administrative and clinical technologies. Cindy was also the Southeastern Branch Manager for a prestigious Transitions Group for seven years. She has worked with clients through every aspect of preparing for associateship, ownership and increasing practice values through comprehensive management strategies.

As a coach and consultant, Cindy has keen understanding of the issues facing today’s dental practice and has expertise in the preparation and management of practice transitions. She counsels professionals in general dentistry as well as specialty practices.

Her ability to relate to doctors and their teams has been very fulfilling. As a writer and a speaker, Cindy has worked with practices around the country and internationally. “My goal in working with clients is to bring relatable, customized and informative solutions to their individual practices along with a good dose of humor!”

Tiffany Canada:

Pediatric Team and Systems Coach/MPA PED’s Ambassador

Culture Ambassador Club Coach

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More about Tiffany:

Tiffany’s world consists of her 17-year-old twin boys, amazing husband, and two dachshunds who are spoiled rotten. She finds so great joy in helping and inspiring people to be their best.

Tiffany has been in the dental field for nearly 20 years and, for the last seven years, she has been managing a fast-paced pediatric office. Her passion is taking customer service and patient care to the next level.

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