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For years, many dental practices built their patient base simply through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. While this is still an important way of bringing in new patients, more than ever, social media and social marketing are helping consumers make educated decisions for just about every item or service – including dental providers. Below, learn more about the importance of social media for your practice, and our tips on where to begin.

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Does my practice need to have a social media marketing plan?

The short answer: yes. Today, more than 69% of all American adults are on social media. That is a huge population of potential patients that you simply can’t leave unreached! With an active social media presence, your practice can instantly become more visible, more personal, and more accessible to people in your area.

What’s the benefit to me?

Social media offers an endless opportunity to build your practice. The main benefits include:

Don't Be Afraid to Get Social with Dental MarketingGaining visibility: by supplementing your website with an additional online presence, you can become much more visible to prospective patients who may be searching for a new provider.

Building your practice’s trustworthiness: the larger digital presence your practice can create, the more reputable you can appear. Patients today are used to retailers and other businesses having vast accessibility online. Social media content can help demonstrate your expertise and quality care before patients even set foot in your practice.

Strengthening current patient relationships: there’s no easier (or less costly) way to connect with current patients than through social media. Everything from checking in after a routine appointment, and running contests for free services, to wishing them a happy birthday can be done easily through social media. Not to mention, this can help expand your visibility to their followers and friends, too.

Managing your reputation: when current or prospective patients have questions or concerns, a social media account is an easy way for them to connect with your staff. In addition, mitigating negative reviews help solve issues that can potentially damage your public reputation.

Where should I start?

Facebook is a great place to start. It still reigns supreme in terms of monthly active users (over two billion), when compared to all other social channels. Be sure to create or update your Facebook business page with all the correct contact information and operating hours. In addition, consider using Facebook as a way to:

  • Share website blog posts
  • Post weekly dental tips
  • Interact with every user who leaves a rating or review (negative or positive)
  • Run monthly drawings or contests for patients who #shareyoursmile (or something similar)

YouTube is another great resource for your dental practice. Having your own YouTube account makes uploading and sharing video content easy. Consider making short videos about:

  • Office tours
  • Q&As with the doctor(s)
  • Patient testimonials
  • Interesting technology and tools

Sharing these videos to your Facebook account is an easy way to help increase viewership, and cross-promote your various social channels.

Finally, Instagram can be a great tool for photography that highlights your patients and practice. Consider using Instagram to share:

  • Candid photos of doctors or staff
  • Patient photos or posts
  • Before-and-after photos
  • Upcoming events, contests and specials

Are you ready for a more prosperous practice?

These are just a few beginning tips for improving your practice’s public image via social media. We’ll be highlighting more social media best practices in future blog posts!

If you are ready to improve your practice from the inside out, Jennifer Pearce can help you create the practice culture, management, and team environment that will exponentially help your practice become not only more profitable, but a more rewarding place to work. Give us a call today to learn more about our services. We look forward to speaking with you!

2 Quick Marketing Ideas to Make Your Practice More Approachable

Practice Management, Team Building and Clinical Coaching

Marketing your practice is the best way to open new doors to prospective clients in your area. But a quick Google search on ‘dental practice marketing tips’ can lead to thousands of hits that offer varying advice on how best to improve your dental marketing strategy. We believe that external communication should make your practice more approachable and display your unique mission and values. Impersonal marketing tactics can leave patients hesitant to entrust their oral health to a “faceless” dental practice. Developing effective dental marketing while maintaining a personal touch is the key to increasing your marketing ROI. Below, find two easy, low-cost ideas to adopt this spring in order to advance your practice’s marketing strategy.

Ready to take dramatic steps to improve the efficiency and success of your dental practice? Contact Jennifer Pearce, Founder, Owner and Executive Lead Prosperity Coach, at (817) 975-4576 to arrange a coaching consultation. Jennifer has been involved with dental practices for over 23 years and understands your management pain points.

Increase Online Reviews

2 Quick Marketing Ideas to Make Your Practice More ApproachableOnline reviews are huge in today’s market. You probably check online reviews yourself for everything from carpet cleaners to music lessons. Maybe you’ve heard of the term “social proof.” It’s a psychological phenomenon that explains why online reviews are so important. Basically, social proof is the idea that people will mimic the behavior of others in order to respond the right way to certain situations. If someone is looking for a dental practice when they move to a new city, they’ll check online to gather information about other people’s experiences before selecting a provider. It’s a way to help protect themselves from failure by selecting a provider they have “proof” has been a great choice for someone else.

Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades: all of these are highly-trafficked sites for prospective patients who are trying to find their next dental provider. Does your practice feature reviews, photos, and practice information? If not, take the time to improve your presence on these influential sites. The more reviews a prospective patient can read about your practice, the greater the social proof about your practice.

Encourage patients to leave reviews by attaching a small card to their receipt following treatment, and by sending a follow-up email the day after their appointment. Consider offering monthly incentives such as a coupon for a free professional whitening session if they complete a Facebook review. Any investment into review incentives will be well worth the social currency you receive in return from a long list of authentic reviews.

Use Authentic Photography

Prospective patients are looking for a practice where they can picture themselves, with patients to whom they can relate. By highlighting your actual office, examination rooms, as well as staff, doctors, and happy patients, you can give them a sneak peek of your practice before they ever set foot inside.

While stock photography is fine in some cases, try to highlight actual photos of your practice as much as possible. It will lend authenticity to your website, social media accounts, and marketing pieces, and help you stand out from the crowd of sites that exclusively use stock image photography.

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