5 Ways To Diffuse Negativity In A Dental Office

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Any time you have a group of people working long hours together in an office, you can expect negativity to develop. A dental office is no exception. Diffusing negativity is a necessity if you want to maintain a healthy work environment. So what steps can you take to combat this type of drag on your practice? Prosperity Dental Solutions offers 5 ways to diffuse negativity in your dental office.

1. Diagnose the Problem.

As a dentist, you often have to diagnose a patient’s problem. The same rule applies when it comes to combatting office negativity. It’s important to talk to your staff and try to “get to the root” of a problem. Identify who is unhappy and why? Often negativity is a symptom of lost confidence or control. Your employees may simply feel like their concerns are not being addressed. Once you are aware of the problem, you must deal with it in some way.

2. Provide Ways for Employees to Make Decisions About Their Jobs.

Negativity often arises when you make decisions without getting any input from your staff. Whenever possible, provide opportunities for employees to express their opinions about workplace policies and procedures. Perhaps some policies can be changed, but if not, find a way to explain them so that everyone understands why things must be done a certain way.

3. Deal with Debbie Downers.

You know Debbie Downer. Chances are you have one working in your office. Ms. Downer complains about everything, and she (or he) is not shy about expressing her negative opinions. She never has anything good to say about anyone or anything, from patients and co-workers to the workload. These constant complaints end up having a negative impact on everyone, affecting the morale of the entire office. It is your job to deal with the Debbie Downers (or Wade Whiners) in your office. Sit down and discuss the problem, making sure to include positive solutions and ways to fix the problems. If you’ve made attempts to solve an issue – or problems persist no matter how many “fixes” are offered – then it might be time to sit down and have a formal review. Discuss how the employee’s attitude is affecting the office and define, in writing, how his or her behavior needs to change. It is imperative that you document everything that was said in every meeting. If you decide you have no choice but to let the employee go, you will want to have “evidence” of why he or she is being terminated.

4. Recognize and Reward Your Staff.

Your employees work hard for you every day and they need to feel valued and appreciated. Giving out recognitions and rewards for those who have gone above and beyond can work wonders in boosting morale and lends itself to healthy competition. 

5. Treat Your Staff with Respect and Trust.

When your employees don’t feel respected, they can quickly become dissatisfied and even bitter. Treat everyone with respect and the feeling will be returned. Give all employees the trust they deserve. Basically, treat everyone like competent adults and you will reduce negativity in the office.

Use these 5 tips to help create a more positive and enthusiastic workforce, which in turn will lead to better patient care. Are you ready to see your dental practice flourish? Prosperity Dental Solutions is here to help your practice grow. Contact us today to set up a coaching appointment with Jennifer Pearce by calling (817) 975-4576.

10 Ways to Set the Stage for a Great Day

Practice Management, Team Building and Clinical Coaching

Life is busy. Despite best efforts, there may be days that your team brings  personal problems to the office. Make sure they all let go of negativity and prepare for the best day possible. Though it sounds challenging, it’s easier than you might think! Below are 10 strategies to help your staff focus on the positives for the good of each other and patients. Want more ideas to boost employee engagement in your office? Contact Jennifer Pearce at (817) 975-4576 to arrange a coaching consultation.

1. Show up on time.

When employees run late, it can be challenging to catch up. Start the ball rolling in the right direction by illustrating punctuality. Be on time, and expect the same of others. If tardiness has been a recurring issue, celebrate every time the team makes it to work early five days in a row. Even bringing in breakfast or healthy afternoon snacks can cultivate an appreciation of timeliness.

2. Coach in private.

Do you need to address an issue with a team member? Do it in private and make sure to listen to the other person’s concerns. Be thorough and professional, not accusatory. Coaching someone one-on-one shows that you care about the other person’s feelings. It also helps keep the atmosphere lighter among other employees who do not overhear coaching discussions.

3. Eat a nourishing breakfast.

We all lead hectic lives. However, you should still make time to eat a nourishing breakfast. Have only a few moments before rushing out the door? A low-sugar granola bar or banana satisfies for several hours, especially when paired with lowfat milk or a smoothie. Choose foods that will keep you full, and avoid empty calorie treats such as doughnuts or muffins.

4. Be grateful for what you have.

It can be easy to focus on what you want. Avoid falling into that trap by taking time to be grateful for even little things. During your commute, spend five minutes reminding yourself of the positive aspects of your life, such as your health, your family, and the dental career you love. An ounce of gratitude quickly snowballs into a pound of positivity!

5. Put everything in order the night before.

A wonderful day starts the night before. Even if you and your team members are in a rush, prep your workplace for the morning. Clean all tools and equipment, polish windows and dividers, and run the vacuum if a cleaner is not coming that evening. Walking into a spotless practice always puts everyone in a better frame of mind.

6. Indulge in some exercise.

Routine bouts of exercise are known to boost satisfaction and happiness. Even a 10-minute quick walk around your building before you start work could be exactly what you need to add pep to your day. Worried you have no time? Most people can fit in a few moments of cardio, even just running up and down a flight of stairs! Exercise triggers feel-good hormones, so add it to your daily habits.

7. Leave your worries at home.

When you are at your dental practice, be present. Instead of thinking about home-related issues, focus on procedures, plans, and patients. Not only will this help you do your best, but it will give your brain a rest. You may find that when you return to your problems, you feel less overwhelmed and more creative.

8. Compliment someone. Then repeat the act of kindness.

It is tough to deny the power of a well-considered, genuine compliment. Practice saying kind things to your colleagues and clients over the course of the day. Over time, giving compliments will become second nature, and others on your team will follow suit.

9. Create a manageable “to do” list.

Instead of doing everything the moment it comes to mind, create a running list of items you need to do each day. You may even want to color code them by priority. Then, systematically work down the list at certain times. You will forget fewer duties and accomplish more by managing and “chunking” tasks.

10. Focus on learning something new.

Each day is a chance to learn something new. Make it your mission to discover something you did not know the day before. You will stay ahead of the learning curve and always feel as if you are moving in the right direction. Feel free to share the information with your colleagues when applicable!

Make Every Day Count

Why allow even one day to pass without doing all you can to make it great? Set the stage for a terrific day today, tomorrow, and for the long haul. Need a little assistance? Set a coaching appointment with Jennifer Pearce by calling (817) 975-4576.

Take your first step towards achieving a prosperous dental practice.

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