**One on One Coaching + Virtual Learning including  Networking Sessions + Dentist receives added bonus of two meetings with PDS’s CEO/Lead Executive Coach, Jennifer Pearce. Registration is limited to the first 10 enrollees.


8 consecutive months of access to our virtual MPA remote learning video modules


Workable downloads following the completion of designated video modules


One-on-one phone or Zoom calls with our Team & Systems Coach, every two weeks.


Access to our virtual group networking Zoom meetings (held biweekly). Get to know your colleagues enrolled in the program with you, network together, share stories, build bonds, and strengthen connections among cohorts for long-term affiliation.


Dentists receive the added bonus of two meetings with Prosperity’s CEO/Lead Executive Coach, Jennifer Pearce, to strategize and/or discuss any growth opportunities for your MPA. These meetings can be scheduled at the end of month two, and the end of month four.


Unlimited Q&A via email, and/or What’s App


Access to our Members Only MPA Facebook page designed to keep you engaged with other MPA’s who have taken, or are currently enrolled, in the program, and to establish a continued space for networking in the MPA position.


Quarterly guest Zoom speakers to boost participants knowledge & network base


Access to join us at our MPA graduation retreats held biannually.


Exclusive membership pricing on other services offered through Prosperity Dental Solutions, LLC like our Culture Ambassador Club™ program, Hygiene Renovations™ program, and Elite Training for practice/doctor cohesion.


***Our MPA program is designed to be completed in 8 consecutive months. Coaching beyond 8 consecutive months is not included and access to learning modules is revoked. If you are currently enrolled in full integrative coaching with Jennifer through Prosperity Dental Solutions, LLC, contact Jennifer directly for pricing.