A La Carte Services

Practice Management, Implementation and Mentoring of Systems

Please take a look at our a la carte services and prices. We offer well rounded services in small doses, so you don’t have to spend money on support that you don’t need. These can be a helpful option for practices that are lacking in one or two aspects of their business.

  • Prosperous Annual Planning Team Workshop
  • Learn How to Create the Environment to Have a Closing Percentage of 98% of All Treatment Diagnosed
  • Overdue Insurance Claim Clean-Up, Transition & Training
  • Ongoing Insurance Maintenance (Remote-in Service)
  • Overdue Patient Accounts Services; Auditing of Patient Accounts, Sending Overdue Patient Accounts Statements
  • Phone Training Sessions via Phone/Zoom Conference
      Subject matters include phone training, scripting, roleplaying, verbiage, effective case presentation, and more!
  • New Hire Assistance, Employment Agreement & Training
  • Employee Expectation Outlines, Job Roles, Job Outlines and Agreements (Practice Specific), Checklists, Training & Supportive Documents
  • Predictive Index Assessment and Personnel Integration

Give us a call today for further information on any of the above listed services! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and/or give you a quote per your specific needs.


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Practice Management, Implementation and Mentoring of Systems



Practice Management, Implementation and Mentoring of Systems

"I highly recommend Jennifer as a dental coach and as a person who understands what it takes to drive improvement. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that makes her an invaluable tool in strengthening a practice. My practice has been successful, however, I knew that I wanted to take it to another level. Jennifer has a keen understanding of the ins and outs of running a practice, and what it takes to elevate all aspects of the practice. Whether it's a desire to improve treatment case acceptance, create more harmony and positive energy at the office, or implement the vision of the practice, Jennifer has the know how to make it happen. She says it as it is, and is down to earth and honest. I have already seen improvements across the board in my practice since we have been working together. I'm excited about the growth opportunity and confident that I have chosen a partner who understands the practice needs, and the intricacies needed to achieve the change I'm seeking. My team loves her and she has been a huge component in the success of my practice."

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Practice Management, Implementation and Mentoring of Systems

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