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A strong, positive company culture is critical to attracting (and keeping) quality employees.

With that being said, it’s often the first thing to fall by the wayside when prioritizing company needs. Planning team-building events, holiday celebrations, and fun outings at your office can be quite the challenge amid all the other daily office tasks that keep us busy. Our Culture Ambassador Club is designed to alleviate the stress of planning, help you foster a cohesive atmosphere, and make it easier than ever for you and your team to bond with one another!

Jennifer Pearce

Dental Practice Expert

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How It Works

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The Culture Ambassador Club functions as a one-year subscription box centered on custom-curated, team-building activities. Every month, we ship you a box that contains all of the necessary items and instructions to complete the activity. These boxes are also crafted with national holidays and employee appreciation days in mind so you’ll always be prepared, whatever that month may bring. All you have to do is appoint a “Culture Ambassador” on your team to help implement the activities, and enjoy the fun.

On top of all the swag and inspiration we send you, our team is also available to walk you through each month’s contents. We’re happy to provide you with tips and tricks on what has worked best for us and offer any advice based on your company’s unique situation.

“The CAC has been a huge asset to our office! Four days after I started working here, I was handed the CAC box and told to run with it. They are loaded with tools and activities that we can
all use inside and outside of the office… Since I have been here, we are more into holidays and parties to celebrate. Our team looks forward to our monthly subscription box more
than the makeup boxes we get at home!”
Crystal Perkins,
Culture Ambassador at Thomas Family Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

Each box comes full of engaging activities, games, and decorations that you can incorporate into your regular team meetings. They’re all designed to help the team connect on a deeper level so you can form stronger bonds—and have fun while doing so!
Our team takes great effort and pride in carefully curating our monthly box. Unfortunately, customization is not possible. That being said, each of our boxes includes plenty of ideas for how to build upon the materials and adapt them to your specific workplace culture, so we’re confident that it’ll suit your specific team interests and needs.
No! While our parent company, Prosperity Dental Solutions, created the concept, Culture Ambassador Club is relevant to all industries. We believe any professional team can benefit from our subscription box!
The cost of this program is $3,500 per year. This breaks down to a $500 deposit and $250 per month for 12 months. The price includes all the materials in the kit, necessary postage, monthly consultation calls, and unlimited support.

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Monthly program: The cost of this program is $3,500 per year (upfront or $500 deposit + $250 per month for 12 months)

Quarterly program: The cost for the quarterly program is $1,500 per year (upfront or $500 depositor + $250 per quarter).

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