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It’s hard to overstate just how important providing quality customer service is to the success and growth of a dental practice.

However good a dentist’s work may be, a bad experience with the front office staff may be all it takes to push a patient away. As the initial point of contact with patients, it’s on the front office team to not only make a good first impression but to also ensure the patient has a satisfactory experience from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they say goodbye. The fact is, doing so requires more than simply putting a smile on.

With our 3-month front office training course, we highlight the importance of customer service and teach participants how to practice excellent customer service in a variety of common situations at dental offices.

Course Topics

Our 3-month Dental Front Office Training course covers the following topics:

Month 1

  • 1. The definition of customer service

  • 2. Why customer service matters

  • 3. What poor customer service says about your practice

  • 4. Patient communication skills

Month 2

  • 5. First impressions

  • 6. Telephone etiquette

  • 7. Appearance

  • 8. Handling late patients

  • 9. The patient experience

Month 3

  • 10. Handling walk-ins

  • 11. What to do when providers are running late

  • 12. How to handle disgruntled patients

  • 13. Referrals

After completing this training program, we’re confident that front office team members will know exactly what it takes to represent your practice with compassion, knowledge, and respect.

Strategies & Pricing

This program is available via TWO different platforms to fit your current needs:

Strategy 1 ~ The Elite Program:

One on One Coaching + Virtual Learning including Networking Sessions + Dentists receive added Bonus of a meeting with coach Jennifer Pearce

Monthly Payment
Full Payment
  • 3 consecutive months of access to our virtual DFOT remote learning video modules + an extra 30 days of viewing post program completion

  • Workable downloads following the completion of designated video modules

  • One on one calls with our Team & Systems Coach for deeper dives on content and personalize training

  • Access to our quarterly virtual group networking Zoom meetings

  • Unlimited Q&A via email and/or scheduled calls

  • Featured guest speaker demo recordings representing some of the most useful 3rd party application tools available

  • Exclusive membership pricing on other services offered through Prosperity Dental Solutions

  • Dentists receive the added bonus of one meeting with Prosperity’s CEO/Lead Executive Coach, Jennifer Pearce to strategize growth opportunities for your DFOT

  • Continued access to added course content even after you’ve completed the program

Strategy 2 ~ Virtual Learning:

Monthly Payment
Full Payment
  • 3 consecutive months of access to our virtual DFOT remote learning video modules

  • Workable downloads following the completion of designated video modules

  • Access via email to Team & Systems Coach for deeper dives into content, and to discuss questions, feedback and implementation suggestions

Our DFOT program is designed to be completed in 3 consecutive months. Coaching beyond 3 consecutive months is not included and access to learning modules is revoked. If you are currently enrolled in full integrative coaching with Jennifer through Prosperity Dental Solutions, LLC, contact Jennifer directly for pricing.


Success Rate

We’ve seen our clients experience a tremendous rate of success after working with us.


Dental Practice Coach

Jennifer Pearce is the #1 person that dental practices have come to rely on.


Businesses Optimized

Prosperity Dental Solutions has been honored to work with over 40 elite dental practices so far.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Let us show you how to cultivate a work environment based on understanding, trust, respect, and staff development leading to increased performance and profits for your practice.

“I’m excited about the growth opportunity and confident that I have chosen a partner who understands the practice needs, and the intricacies needed to achieve the change I’m seeking. My team loves her and she has been a huge component in the success of my practice.”

Dr. Avi Stein

Jennifer Pearce

Dental Practice Coach
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